SHIB burns in every transaction


BONE burns in every transaction


LEASH burns in every transaction


The honorary representatives mentioned below are those who discovered ShibArmyStrong and were later elected by the community through surveys. Their duties include ensuring community harmony, raising awareness about ShibArmyStrong, and filtering the desires and suggestions of the community to relay them to me, Shibarmy. Just as I do not engage in private conversations with anyone, not communicating privately with honorary representatives is also one of my fundamental principles. Therefore, my communication channel with honorary representatives is the $SAS Management group, accessible to everyone, and the link is

Onur Alaca Twitter / Telegram

UğurShib Twitter / Telegram

KURTBEY Twitter / Telegram

Kaan KOZAN Twitter / Telegram

Faruk Baykara Twitter / Telegram

Enes T. Twitter / Telegram